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This information is taken from The National Trust Fishing & Boating

in the Lake District leaflet.

Most of the National Trustís lakes, tarns and becks with public access can be fished provided permits are obtained. On some waters, however, fishing is either privately let or is completely prohibited for conservation reasons. On a few waters fishing is free.

The appropriate Environment Agency license must be held by every angler.

They are obtainable from Post Offices.

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The details in this leaflet are not exhaustive. There are many small tarns and becks, protected by the National Trust, in which fishing is freely available from all banks from which there is public access. Similarly many of the waters listed are only partly under the control of the National Trust. This leaflet only provides details relating to those parts that are controlled by the Trust. Loweswater, Crummock Water and Buttermere are covered by one permit.

Please Note:

  • The use of lead weights for fishing is banned on all National Trust waters.

  • No live baiting on any National Trust waters.

Coarse Fishing Season 16 June - 15 March
Brown Trout Fishing Season 16 March - 30 September
Salmon Fishing Season 1 Feb - 31 October
Sea Trout Fishing Season 1 May - 16 October

Water safety

Please note that water can be dangerous. Lakes and waters in the Lake District can be deep, very cold, and have unpredictable winds. Children should be supervised when boating. BSI approved lifejackets should be worn. Swimming in Lake District waters is not recommended.



Charge A

£6 per hour; £16 per day (1:12 after 12 noon), inclusive of VAT Returnable deposit of £5 per boat. Full day rate includes Fishing Permit. Hourly and half-day hire do not.
Weekly rate: Boat and rod £70

Charge B

£15 per day; £10 after 12 noon; £6 after 5pm.

Charge C

£2.50 per day

Charge D

Sailing and rowing dingy launching £2 per day;
£6 per week; £40 per season.
Canoes and windsurfers £1 per day; £4 per week;
£20 per season.

Charge E

For the lakes £3 per day; £10 per week;
£40 per season.
Children under 17 years and OAP's £1 per day;
£4 per week; £20 per season.

N.B. It is an offence against the bye-laws to beach powered craft on National Trust shores.

Fishing on....

Bassenthwaite Lake

Mainly coarse fishing.  Pike, Perch and Roach.


Beckstones Farm, Thornthwaite   Tel:    017687 78510
Blencathra Centre, Threlkeld Tel:    017687 79633
Swan Hotel, Thornthwaite Tel:    017687 78256
Tourist Information Centre  Tel:    01900 822634


Trout, Char, Pike and Perch


Dalegarth, Buttermere Tel:    017687 70233

Crummock Water

Trout, Char, Pike, Perch, Salmon and Sea Trout.


Tel : 017687 70232

Derwentwater, Keswick

Pike, Perch, Trout and Salmon.


Field and Stream, Keswick Tel:    017687 74396

Ennerdale Water



Wath Brow and Ennerdale Angling Assoc. Tel:    01946  861465


Dearham, Nr Cockermouth

Low cost daily fishing, Brown Trout, Sea Trout, Salmon and some Eels on the River Ellen please contact Dearham Angling Society, Mr. Stephen Mitchell  Tel: 01900 814816.

Stocked Tarns

Ellerbeck Farm & Fishery, Brigham, Cockermouth.  

Coarse fishing by day ticket.                            Tel:    01900 825268

Gilcrux Springs Trout Farm, Nr Cockermouth.

American Brook, Rainbow Trout.                     Tel:    016973 22488

Longlands Lake, Cleator Moor, Nr Cockermouth.

Rainbow Trout.                                                 Tel:    01946 810377

Meadley Tarn, Ennerdale Bridge.

Rainbow Trout                                                Permits from Tarn Bank

Springfalls, Longthwaite, Nr Wigton.

Stocked tarn with Rainbow and Brook Trout. Tel:    016973 45012


The National Trust welcomes the use of canoes, rowing boats or sailing boats on its waters or their launching from those parts of its shores and islands which are open to the public, subject to the restrictions mentioned in this leaflet.

Unless mentioned, no powered craft may be launched over Trust shores nor used on its waters, this includes electric powered motors.

On some waters boats are available for hire from the National Trust. These are listed in Boat Permits.
Buoyancy aids are available at all outlets.

The National Trust can accept no responsibility for damage to craft launched over its land.

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